Welcome to Bridge of Hope Global, a 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose, focuses on the assistance and advancement of disadvantaged communities. BOHG has been developed to become a bridge between yesterday’s challenges and today’s solutions. Because one woman believed her “ceiling” had become the floor, followed her life call  and had the faith  to believe that God would take care of everything in between, a great movement has begun. While there is an understanding that there will be needs that go unmet around the world, the primary focus of BOHG is to be a change agent in the communities that it’s “called” (every need will not be met by BOHG, but rather become a bridge and often a vehicle to the communities that it has been sent. It is our hope, that many would join this movement, with the intent of giving their all, pouring out every effort and talent to bring advancement and to welcome a life altering encounter that will transforms their perspective on life and sacrifice, as a whole.

BOHG exists to be a “bridge”, a solution that can lead an entire village, family, or school to a place of advancement and hope. There are opportunities that become available when WE come together as partners of change and influence.


BOHG believes…

  • …in using a literal action plan that is fueled by faith to create results
  • …that God is the source and the guide who leads every partnership
  • …seeing the need before meeting the need
  • …creating lasting partnerships, not a 1 time “Act of Kindness” motto (not for this)
  • …James 1:27 (The Bigger picture of life is what we make happen for others)
  • …in using wisdom before a trip is planned and before specified details are released.

 What Makes B.O.H.G different and unique?

  • BOHG will never send money to where it has not traveled to and have seen the needs firsthand.
  • BOHG does not sponsor individual children; as it is our preference to not limit our resources per child, but to maximize our resources for communities at large.
  • BOHG respects the culture of where we travel and with whom we partner. We do not exist to impose “our” way of life/culture, but to provide advancement/assistance in areas requested.
  • BOHG evaluates the priority level of each need and assesses the provision accordingly.
  • BOHG partners with communities that have bare minimum or no support at all.
  • BOHG maintains yearly progress reports of the initial needs, how we’ve met them and how we’ve improved the area.
  • BOHG travel team selection is made only after prayer, statement of intent/ purpose has been produced.

The Benefits of BOHG Partnership

  • Yearly, Monthly financial Support 
  • Home/School Improvements and Project Developments
  • Sanitary  Products
  • Solar Power
  • Mattresses
  • Basic Medical Support (medical bills, etc)
  • First Aid Kits
  • Yearly volunteer visitation by the BOHG travel team
  • Lifetime partnership of prayer/financial (yearly evaluated)
  • Protein Packs 
  • Clothing/Shoe Provision 
  • Bibles