BOHG has a list of ongoing needs and ways that you can support. Much of what you will see on the list below, are items that can be easily collected. You may even find that you have some of the items in your home at this very moment. It is our goal, as a team to always provide people with the 20170817_150927opportunity to be apart of something that pushes them out of their comfort zone and into a zone of life changing engagement. Bridge of Hope Global, is just that, “a bridge”; and we believe that all who take part in “bridging the gaps” between abundance and scarcity are choosing to look beyond what seems impossible, and look towards the possibilities of today!

How amazing would it be for you to partner with your place of employment, church, school, community or even family to provide practical necessities and means of entertainment. Maybe you are looking for ways to come together as a school (class) or neighborhood to give back to a community that is disadvantaged and limited with resources. You may even have your own business or organization that is looking for ways to service overseas work! This is a great opportunity to use your resources to partner with an organization who focuses on changing lives, restoring hope and leading the way, one community at a time.

Ways to Support:


Daily Needsreceived_867081167097 1

  • Children’s Clothing (all sizes welcomed)
  • Children’s Shoes (all sizes welcomed)
  • Women’s sanitary products
  • Toiletries (deodorant, vaseline, etc.) (no liquids)
  • Blankets
  • Medical Supplies (First Aid Kits, tylenol, gauze, hand wipes, ointments  for bug bites, benadryl sticks, etc.)
  • Financial Support ( financial donations always goes towards food and then the next precedent need)

Academic Needs

  • School Supplies (notebooks, pencils, chalk, pens (*red pens for teachers)
  • Coloring Books
  • Crayons
  • Puzzles
  • Bibles
  • Children’s Books

Major Project Items/Goals (Require Financial Support)

  • ✓ (Ginger Plantation Project (Uganda) $4500usd – Sam Kakete (It is also the goal of BOHG to provide ways for local leaders to generate income by creating a system that is needed in the community)
  • Property Development in Musamba Village


For questions concerning the list click here