History of BOHG

History of Bridge of Hope Global (BOHG)


While many people spend their lives searching for their life call, some know from the very beginning. For Miracle Reed, this was the case. With over 17 years of itinerary preaching ministry, 20 years since her first sermon, 6 years of Pastoring and having published various books; her life call has been in the interweaving of her very being, from the beginning.

However, after Pastoring for 6 years in British Columbia, Canada and St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, she took a leap of faith in 2015. This leap of faith not only required her to follow God’s leading to resign from a favorable position as Associate Pastor in Prince George, BC but to also drive 3 days across the country, having not sent out a single resume.favor

If there is anything you need to know about the founder of Bridge of Hope Global, it’s that “whatever God leads her to do, she does. She doesn’t negotiate with God and doesn’t look for the nod of approval from man”. As she drove across the country in a U-Haul truck, the only instruction God gave her, was to follow Him. So, she did. Within the first year of self-employment, Miracle found God’s Favor, leading her to host a local TV show, release a new book (3rd), minister various events, host a major conference in Canada for an entire month……AND to her surprise, spend 2.5 months in EAST AFRICA all on faith.

What began as a celebration of life service to God in the Motherland, quickly turned into the most life changing experience one could have ever imagined, especially Miracle. While  she had no idea where the money would come from (meaning from who), she knew God told her to go. So, with the support of friends, family and even unknown followers around the world, over $15,000 was raised through a personal GoFundMe site. With only one contact, she hopped on a plane and headed to Kenya as her first stop. Once she arrived, that one contact turned into many. While some thought 2.5 months in East Africa was a huge decision, to Miracle it was a simple “God decision”.  b6

From having fresh flowers thrown during her initial arrival into a village that never had a single visitor, to being able to purchase shoes, toothbrushes, solar power, months’ worth of food, mattresses, paying teachers, providing flooring for a school, Bibles, preaching 16 sermons in 12 days, eating with her hands, etc..(which was only made possible by the financial support of people who trusted her with their financial contributions, believe in her Mission and knew the authenticity of her relationship with God)….nothing about life would be the same. It was then that she knew, this was not a one-time assignment to East Africa but a lifetime commitment to being a Bridge of Hope around the world for the rest of her life. It was then she knew, that another chapter of her life call would include creating an organization that would be a bridge of transformation, to parts of the world that had lost of Hope. She attests to East Africa (Kenya and Uganda being the introduction to a love affair with the Motherland. And while it is the first territory traveled to for Bridge of Hope, it is only one of many.

Bridge of HOPE is just that, a “bridge”. It’s not a staircase, it’s not a path. It’s a unifying structure, leading people away from where they were and into where they will be next. It’s a vision that captures not only today but tomorrow. This organization is founded upon 1 person having the faith to believe God with every single detail of her life but also founded upon a team of people who seeing her faith, became a bridge that transitioned from an idea to a reality.