2018 Uganda

While BOHG prides itself on being blown away yearly by all that takes place around us and on our behalf; nothing compares to what took place in us this year. Life changing encounters are bound to happen, but leaving with an impartation is intentional. The team this year was comprised of man and woman, all believing that there was an assignment at hand. Not only was there an assignment to complete but an assignment to create. The team went in knowing that a conference would be lead, people would be served, organizations would be visited and lives would be changed. However, little did we know that God had something in-store for all of us, that would change how we view life.20180726_132214_resized_1

We went into environments, homes, communities and churches that brought change to our lives and renewal to our faith. Miracles took place in the form of answered prayers that had never been voiced. A child was sponsored (see tap” Love Does”), Love Does, feat. Saint Ann Foundation a family was blessed, people were empowered, and a communities were reminded that hopelessness does not exist in Christ. BOHG went into Uganda with an agenda to capture the heart of God at its core and to be recipients of God’s grace as wee poured out all that we had. To say that we blessed people would be completely washing down the reality of what took place. The truth is, we went and we were changed, challenged and transformed by the presence, faith and love of Uganda. For that, we are yet again, Humbled and Thankful.

In Uganda we are honored and privileged to host a conference Kaketefor Christ Global Ministries where Pastor(s) Sam Kakete and his wife Jane Kakete are the head leaders. During the teams time in Uganda, there is always opportunity for ministry. The door is wide open and the gospel is well received. BOHG is always amazed by the doors that open and the hearts that are receptive to the gospel and to be instructing in ways to bring progression and growth.

As an organization we find it an honor and privilege to be connected with so many local leaders in Uganda who are doing amazing things. The Pastors that we’ve mentions, Abe Robert founder of Saint Ann Foundation and Mawajje Joseph, founder of Generation Youth.

These pictures don’t scratch the surface of all that took place, but rather gives a small glimpse.