Mission  Our mission is to become a conduit of change for sustainable growth,life-long partnerships and servant leadership to disadvantaged communities, one continent at a time.

Goal  Our goal is to create, develop, establish, empower and partner with the least traveled/supported organizations of developing countries; as well as North American communities his goal will be carried out by way of providing basic  necessities, improving everyday living conditions and creating environments that are rooted in the love of Christ.

Createa bridge between  yesterday’sproblems andtoday’ssolutions

Developa team that takes initiative in making an impact in every step

Empowerpeople around the world to join a team that believes that impossibilities do not exist

Partner with schools, orphanages, and organizations that have a proven track record within their community

Vision Our vision is to see life transforming testimonies of communities developed, homes/schools built, children educated, clinics staffed and consistent presence of volunteers making their lives and resources available.


Core Values

  1. Solution Based-We are never without an answer or resource.
  1. Faith Oriented- From the beginning of an initial form of communication, to the flight; we trust God for every detail, His, means of financial support, and His leading into every community.
  1. Results Driven- We are determined to provide results that are sustainable over time. It is never our goal to provide temporary help, but to create ongoing projects that maintain a consistent successful outcome.
  1. Love at All Costs- For BOHG, love is not an option as we embrace various communities, it is mandatory. Our journey to the least traveled countries is about loving people where they are and how they are. Teaching practical skills and making resources available mean the most when it’s done in love.