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Bridge of Hope Global provides yearly opportunity for people around the world to partner and experience a life changing encounter in East Africa. Unlike most “mission trips”, the focus is a specific project or development. However, BOHG provides what is classifies as a, “life encounter”. This encounter gives partners the opportunity to see the following first hand:

  • The reality of Contentment in the midst of lack
  • The provision and blessing of love
  • The opportunity to give back, both financially and emotionally
  • The results of “USD” funding ( The U.S dollar stretches beyond what most could imagine, so any and everything that is donated , more than likely makes a difference larger than what the giver could ever expect”
  • The ability to exercise leadership skills, team building, and platforms to share in various capacities.

What makes “The Life Encounter” different from the average “mission trip”

  • BOHG does not sponsor individual children
  • BOHG is the only organization represented in Musamba Village (Kenya)20170817_142627
  • BOHG travel team does not do manual labor. 
    • It is the goal of BOHG to provide short term employment for locals. With this being the yearly reality, we not only become known as a non-profit that provides assistance for the advancement of developing countries, but also employment contractors as well.
  • BOHG fully embraces the culture and all that it has to offer. The travel team eat within the community, spends majority of it’s time in the community and fully immerses itself. 
  • BOHG only partners with people, leaders, or groups who have very little to no support at all.  
  • BOHG provides a “life encounter” (though the entire trip is called the life encounter) where each person is on his/her own (in a very safe part of town), with the assignment to be a blessing to people in the community. This blessings ranges from financial, to prayer, to singing/dancing, taking a photo or just simply being presented. 

*Note: Each person is encouraged to budget a minimum of $100 specifically for the life encounter.

musambaWhile there is so many aspects of BOHG travel team and the “life encounter”, we encourage you to come out to the first official meeting for the 2018 Travel Team  This meeting will provide the following information:

  • The Travel Dates ( July 28- Aug 17) This time frame includes : 2 day travel, there and back, along with 1 adjustment day, and 2 transition and debriefing days.
  •  What to Expect (Food, Transportation, Housing,Cultural)
  • The Cost
  • The Requirements (Document, Time of Prayer and Discernment)
  • The Adjustment “After”
  • Financial Deadlines
  • Why Africa, Why BOHG?


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