The Hope Village Project

land2The Hope Village Project is the land development assignment of Bridge of Hope Global in Kakemega County, Kenya. This land was purchased on July 14, 2018 in the amount of an 1/4 acre. The goal is to purchase an entire acre of land for the following vision to unfold for the community:

  • A minimum of 5 small homes for children and mothers $1000 (per home)x5 $5000
  •  A place of community worship for the Village, called “The Bridge”. This will serve as a place of worship, faith and discipleship training, weekly and weekend teachings, daily counsel, and also place where needs can be met both spiritually and physically.
  • land1
  • A space where the Hope Primary School can be hosted. $3000 to have the basic structure, desks, chalkboards, etc.
  • A Volunteer house that will serve as the official “on site” base of BOHG in Kakemga County (right outside of Bungoma). This space will house all incoming volunteers and will take the place of Bungoma hotels that used to house the team. $1200
  • 20 Sets of Bunkbeds totaling 40 beds for 2 children homes (one for girls/ one for boys) $70 per set, totaling $1400
  • The Hope Village Team House: This home holds such a special place because the men and women who have devoted their lives to making a difference in this community, will be given a place to live while taking care of the needs of the children. $1200
  • A total of 6 Toilets (2-girls, 2- boys)| and 2 for Teachers/Volunteer $500×4musamba
  • A Total of 4 washing stalls $450×4
  • 2 Water Wells $400 x2
  • Yearly supply of Food $3000
  • Teacher Sponsorship $240 annually ($20 a month per teacher) A total of 7 teachers

The founder of BOHG (Miracle Reed) met with the Chief of the Village and with Passion and Conviction, shared her vision for the community and not only received the seal from the Chief, but his blessing and an immediate meeting on the land. Though the vision is bigger than anything thought of, Reed has full confidence in the reality of what God is able to do and that the reality of all things is that God, funds His Plan!


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