2016 Kenya

2016 was the beginning of what would later be known as the foundation of Bridge of Hope Global, before BOHG even existed. With 1 contact and very little money, the founder (Miracle Reed) made her way to East Africa. This journey began in Nairobi, Kenya; while discovering a rather lavish and posh lifestyle. It was not only there, that Miracle understood the stark contrast between wealth and poverty in East Africa but it was also there that she was awakened by the beauty of everything that the Mother Land would have to offer. Shortly after her time in Nairobi (full story in History section), she made her way to a village in Bungoma, Kenya. This was the Village of Musamba. Not only would this be the beginning of a life changing experience, but would also be the foundation of everything that would lead her to start, Bridge of Hope Global.

The pictures and data below, capture all that took place within a 6 day (Yes, alllll of that you see took place in a matter of 6 days, during a 3 month stay in East Africa). The data and pictures speak of a woman’s determination to trust God and to completely stand on His instructions alone. Having been the first visitor that the village had ever had, Miracle knew that nothing would ever be the same. From the donations of 85 people, this is a small glimpse of what took place!

  • 50 Bibles
  • 40 Mattresses
  • 2 months worth of Food
  • 22 Water Basins and Buckets
  • Firewood
  • 50 Tooth brushes and Tooth Paste
  • 3 First Aid Kits
  • 60 Pairs of flip flops
  • 100 Shirts
  • Hygiene Products
  • 25 Mosquito Nets
  • Textbooks
  • Flooring for 3 classrooms
  • 11 Teachers were paid
  • Volleyball Nets, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs,
  • Kenyan Flag
  • Permanent Chalkboards
  • School Bell
  • School Supplies, Notebooks, etc.
  • 3 Clocks
  • Monetary Donation upon departure
  • Christmas Financial Donation