“Love Does” Feat. Saint Ann Foundation

20180726_175858_resized_1In a world that gives weight to what is said, Love gives weight to what is done and for the 2018 travel team members of BOHG, that’s what the annual life encounter was all about! While we had no idea of what the day would bring and no idea of what God had planned,we knew that our steps had been ordered by the Lord. For a day and a half, we had been at the Saint Ann Foundation in Uganda (led by Founder Abel Robert). We were greeted by music, performances, hospitality, FOOD, and so much love. We were overwhelmed by the standard that once again, Abel Robert had set, just within 1 year since our last visit. The base was covered with a tent covering in case of rain, a sound system and a production that was excellent in every sense of the word.

We always are aware of the unexpected surprises that take place but for Evangelist Alvina Smith, life gave her more than a surprise, but an answer to a prayer and a bridge of hope, that in actuality would be her long awaited miracle. On July 26, 2018 after many years of being without child, little did she know, that she had been preparing for a son. A son who would have a chance at a life that only children in his community dream of. A son that would be an image reflection of Christ and a missing link for this woman of God, servant and leader. The day followed as all others, filled with performances, visits, FOOD, and laughs….BUT mid way through the day, Abel Robert informs the team that it’s important for us to see where the children live, to encounter them in their space and spend some time meeting their guardians. 20180725_133259_resized

We made our way by Bodas (public transportation) and proceeded to various communities , visiting the children, some of which were alone without parents present. But then we arrived to Jovan’s home. By American standards it would be considered “uninhabitable” but for many, in this community it is indeed home. Within a matter of minutes, without even knowing the circumstances, the question was asked who helps the grandmother (only living relative) take care of Jovan (as his brother’s had already been sponsored)…The answer was no one.  We had no idea that Abel had been praying and believing that one day someone would sponsor Jovan, but didn’t know who or even how it would happen. You see Abel had been personally taking care of Jovan’s school fees and sometimes not having it to spare but allowing him to still receive the same as the other children. It was only that day, he told of what he had been doing and how it had become so much of a burden but in order for Jovan to stay, he had not other choice.20180726_181517_resized

With only a little time left in Uganda, Abel’s expectations of what BOHG could do, was limited. However, when we see limitation, God sees an opportunity.

Without question, Smith agreed to not only sponsor Jovan at that moment but to sponsor him for the rest of his life. His desires for University, furthering his education, pursuing a trade, etc would be taken care of. The tears that filled everyone one’s eyes were like fountains. That unexpected moment, taught us all that LOVE does…Love doesn’t think, Love doesn’t say, Love doesn’t even consider….It MOVES, it ACTS, it DOES….Praises to God rang aloud as the long awaited desire had become a reality and request had been met without planning, without conversation….just by LOVE and DIVINE appointment.

20180726_180004_resized_1You see, this is what makes the LIFE ENCOUNTER, such a big deal….Though we plan a lot during the 21 day trip, we seek unscripted and divine plans from God. We rest in knowing that everything He desires, He will get. As we surrender to his plan and his path, blessings, doors, faith and even answered prayers are manifested. And though Bridge of Hope Global does not sponsor children as an organization host, our team members partner with the Saint Ann Foundation, based on their personal desires and longings to be apart of a tremendous movement in Uganda.

As you read this story, it’s my hope and desire, that you also consider partnering as future travel team member of BOHG or even seeing how you can make a different in a child’s life through partnering with the Saint Ann FOUNDATION! ()


Alvina Smith, Jovan and Abel Robert (Founder of Saint Ann Foundation)


Alvina Smith and Grandmother of Jovan