2017 Uganda

2017 was an amazing year for Bridge of Hope Global, as it established it’s very first travel team. From its beginning stages with a vision to help people to developing an entire organization that yearly provides support, more has already been done than what was planned. It’s amazing what happens when we step out of the way and let go of fear. Uganda was not only an amazing time of team development, ministry and growth; it created an opportunity for the team to see first hand, the gift of “presence”. The team was able to surprise an amazing ministry partner’s family with furnishing their home and also preaching a conference hosted by the BOHG travel team! Amazing things took place and as a result of continually moving forward in building relationships, Uganda will always be apart of the yearly travel itinerary.

An 8 service Conference was hosted

3 Leaders were sponsored by the team

BOHG team surprised local leader (host) by furnishing their home

Ministry and Partnership in the Slums

Saint Ann Foundation Partnership/ Visitation

A team member of 2017 BOHG travel team sponsored a $4k land development investment